Researching sound!

What could replace the phenomenon we perceive as SOUND? While a stream of water represents itself sonically with a burble, the seas manifest themselves by this distinct lap of gurgle. Sound has provided us with Language, Speech, Communication, Social development, Music and what not, in fact without it our Planet Earth would have never been the place what it is today, tomorrow & even beyond.
Acoustics is technically defined “Study of Sound”, AWEDIBLE believes “Acoustics Designing & Audio Engineering” is all about appreciating, understanding and reasoning with Sound. Connecting with its complex nature. By doing this we aim to innovate groundbreaking results and to design cutting edge products for Acoustics Engineering and the Audio Industry.

Acoustic Innovations!

Today, human activities are getting more and more restrained and restricted to confined and closed spaces. Meeting rooms, Audio & Video Studios, Theatres, Auditoriums, Concert Halls etc have become catalysts in stimulating businesses and the entertainment world. AWEDIBLE’s scope of work is to engineer these spaces and make them sonically compliant.
Acoustics designing is inherently multi-dimensional. Each space we treat and analyze offers us a fresh challenge. The sonic & creative visions required for these spaces are mostly different. AWEDIBLE with its in-depth technical acumen, vibrant creative designs and operational support has the strength to mould and build customized designs for each of these spaces, contrary to following the same old withering tradition of creating mechanical acoustic designs.

Services We Provide

Professional Sound Studios

Performance & Entertainment Space


Home Theatres

Sound Isolation Cabins

Educational Facilities

Movie Theatres

Medical Audiology

Studio Furniture

Music Composing & Audio Production Suits

Worship Halls

Equipment Installation & Training


Always thinking of listening!

For you to contemplate our vision on work and ethics, we have to exhibit a bigger picture. We as “Team AWEDIBLE” enjoy and appreciate all “little good things” in life. It is our intention to work hard towards “result oriented solutions”. It is absolutely necessary for us to Love what we do, both in professional and personal terms. We believe in technology driven inventions and our approach to work is very straight forward. We believe in humanity, We believe in people, We hope our forests are preserved, We get excited seeing zero emission technology & self sustaining architecture, We want all our endangered species to be nurtured & peace to prevail at all times.
AWEDIBLE has identified its market share. Our vision, design philosophy, knowledge and operational skills have naturally presented us the opportunity without any special intervention. Our idea of an acoustic space is against all clichés and below designs will manifest and endorse our vision.

The pack!

Awedible is an Acoustic Designing and Innovations company. In its purest form we are a gathering of like minded people, who are at Awe! of this overwhelming phenomenon you identify as ' Sound ". A gathering who while together, religiously end up discussing Acoustics & Audio or often its derivatives. Awedible has amassed and acquired its craft by collective research for nearly 45000 man hours! Our track record is a 100% on time completion of all undertaken projects till date ! Our entire folks at the board of directors are from Audio Engineering background. Our passion is to innovate in the field of Audio & Acoustics.

He is an Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer with an additional Audio Engineering Degree with 17 years of experience in acoustics, audio production, telecom & specialized designs for sound studio spaces. It is his vision and passion towards SOUND from which AWEDIBLE was conceptualized. An avid reader, music enthusiast and nevertheless inclined to technology and research on sound. He holds a patent in inventing a method & system for processing audio in a telecommunication network.

Brijith Madhavan

Chief Acoustic Engineer

He is a Mechanical Engineer and holds a Degree in Marketing and Management with 11 years of experience in audio production, broadcasting, digital audio distribution and content management. With his entrepreneurial skills and passion towards music & the audio industry he established “My Studio “, a music production house based in Ernakulam and is now a class leading audio space in the industry. Vibrant, a go getter he is multi-talented and has a keen eye for quality and business development.

Murali K Nair

Head – Operations

He is a Business Management Graduate & holds an additional Diploma in Audio Engineering. An expert rhythm player and a singer, his early areas of expertise were on education, management and finance. He has 15 years of experience in audio engineering, recordings arts and has worked very closely with the audio industry. Instrumental behind various chartbusters from his platform “20dB Sound Studios” based in Chennai, he is a rare blend of business acumen & creative arts. A prolific reader, inclined to music & arts, he loves adventure touring and nature.

Sethu Thankachan

Head – Finance & Creative Lead

We have developed an equation. An Equation which holds universal solutions to solve and balance vital transitions between objectives, deadlines, business plans, creativity, money and most importantly, the experience of “human element”. What fuels us is your vision to do more, to dream and thereby become more substantial. It will be our job to apply this and support you on real ground, meeting your demands and maintaining an equilibrium in all aspects of building something new.



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For you to contemplate our vision on work and ethics, we have to exhibit a bigger picture. We as “Team AWEDIBLE” enjoy and appreciate all “little good things” in life. It is our intention to work hard towards “result oriented solutions”. It is absolutely necessary for us to Love what we do, both in professional and personal terms.