"AudioUnit " represents Awedible's will to reach out, cater and deliver quality acoustics to each and everyone who truly seeks it, even if on a budget.!
"AudioUnit " specifications are developed in a way such that, it is easy to install and all its components made mobile, removable and reusable making it perfect for Rented spaces, Midsize studios, Mixing consoles, Composers rooms, Classrooms, Home theatres and Music production spaces. Our aim is to " Avoid Mediocrity " at this segment where dreams are built much more briskly, work is revered with passion and every penny is accounted for against true results. Going one step ahead, Awedible's sound team will come onsite, inspect, expedite and calibrate your acoustic space. This product is aimed at giving simple yet workable solutions to a complex medium such as " an acoustic balance". Let no one deny you the possibilities a balanced acoustic space can offer!